Inaugural Minnesota Mystery Night


Some of the audience at MN Mystery Night
Some of the audience at MN Mystery Night
Wow, what a night. The food and service were fantastic. Thank you, Axels Restaurant in Mendota. The room was packed (SRO). The featured guest, bestselling author William Kent Kreuger, was his usual funny, witty, entertaining self. His fellow author and conversationalist, Carl Brookins, was equally delightful. They shared their writing wisdom, stories from their travels as two of the three members of Creme de la Crime (legendary MN author Ellen Hart was the third member of the group), and reminisced about their early days of breaking through as published authors.
Kent Krueger & Carl Brookins
Our first guest author, William Kent Krueger (L), in conversation with Carl Brookins

Minnesota Mystery Night is a monthly event featuring Minnesota mystery authors.

It happens on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at Axels Restaurant in Mendota, MN. The event is free. Food and drink from Axels are optional and at your own expense. You’re cordially invited to join us in celebrating a Minnesota mystery author every month and learn about their books and life as an author.

Next month’s featured guest is NY Times bestselling author Matt Goldman, a Minnesota native who first achieved fame and success writing for “Seinfeld” and “Ellen” before turning to mystery writing. He’ll be in conversation with St. Paul Pioneer Press Book Editor Mary Ann Grossmann.

Going Forward with MMN

Future MMN guests include Allen Eskens, Laura Childs (tentative), David Housewright, Rob Jung, and Tom Combs. Seating is limited for each event, so to ensure you have a spot, please call Axels Restaurant in Mendota well in advance. To stay up to date with future guests or schedule changes, please like or follow the Minnesota Mystery Night FB page. You can also follow and/or support our co-sponsors, Once Upon Crime booksellers, Twin Cities Sisters in Crime, Ultra Creative Inc., and of course, my posse, Midwest Mystery Works.
Midwest Mystery Works

A Welcome Break in My Schedule

I’ve got more than a month off before my next event, but you can always purchase signed copies from me through my website. Just click on the Buy SIgned Copies tab. I’ll even mail them to you for no additional charge in the continental USA.
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