What the heck is that?

For your Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa entertainment, I thought I’d share this video interview. WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get.” That’s me in a nutshell. I don’t put on airs or display false personas or pretend to be someone I’m not. I don’t think I’m clever enough. 🙂

This interview by author Tracey S. Phillips is pretty much me every day. So if you want to know what makes the author of some of your favorite thrillers tick, sit back with a cup of cocoa, coffee, tea, or an adult beverage and enjoy. Tracey put me at ease instantly and asked some excellent questions. I thought we had a lively discussion about Castle Danger and my writing in general. She’s the founder and leader of the Blackbird Writers, a group of like-minded mystery authors who promote each other’s work and give each other moral support in this challenging career.

Castle Danger paperback cover

What’s your WYSIWYG story? 🙂

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