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llsI just returned from my kind of winter getaway–going farther north than I already am in southern Minnesota! We spent an idyllic week in a condo on the North Shore of Lake Superior. We were literally overlooking that majestic inland sea from our many lakeside windows. So close, we heard the waves hitting the shore through our closed windows every night.

View from Gull Harbor Condo # 3010, Tofte MN

Other than the first day with a high of maybe 8 degrees, we snowshoed and cross-country skied ourselves to exhaustion. Well, as much as two sixty-somethings can push the physical envelope. Combine that with Date Night at the nearby North Shore Winery–complete with fantastic music from an Americana/blues/folk/ country guitarist Gordon Thorne and a bassist friend, a bottle of darn good California-sourced Viognier, and it was a wonderfully relaxing evening.


Even though Cook County, the easternmost tip of Minnesota’s Arrowhead, only has a population of about 5,300 people, it has a gem of a bookstore in Grand Marais–Drury Lane Books. Drury Lane has been open since 2002 and has become a must-see attraction in Grand Marais. The store is perched on one of the most beautiful spots on the North Shore overlooking the East Bay of the Grand Marais harbor.

Drury Lane Books, grand Marais MN
photo courtesy of Drury Lane Books

I mention all this because I can now welcome Drury Lane Books as one of the bookstores that carry my Matt Lanier mystery-thriller series! Serendipitous because, first of all, I thought Drury Lane was closed during winter. Second, my wife decided she wanted to visit and look for a book. Third, as I was looking for the first novels by Minnesota authors I hadn’t read yet, I got to chatting with manager Gwen Danfelt. After I mentioned I was an author, she said, “Well then, give me your pitch.”

After I told Gwen about my books, she seemed interested in stocking them. So I sent her more information via email. Two days later, Drury Lane now has two copies each of Straight River, Castle Danger, and Dangerous Straits! So if you or your friends or family are visiting the Grand Marais area in the future, please stop by Drury Lane Books. Browse their carefully curated selection of books–including a big section of Minnesota fiction and non-fiction books.¬† the store and location will charm your socks off. More importantly, the friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find just the right book for your visit.

After you buy a book or two or five, celebrate with a doughnut from the shop next door. World’s Best Donuts sells a wide variety of fresh, homemade donuts and pastries. Unfortunately, it’s closed during winter but sells to some local convenience and grocery stores–check the website). Then enjoy a beverage and a meal at one of the local pubs and eateries in GM. After that, hit the slopes or the trails to work off those decadent calories. If you love winter as much as we do, you’ll be glad you visited.

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