My Second Favorite Day of the Year

Donation Time

My second favorite day of the year is the day I present a check to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota for all the money I generated through my book sales in the previous calendar year. I’m proud to say I blew my old annual donation record out of the water! And it’s all thanks to the hundreds of individuals who bought one or more of my books, or recommended them to a friend, or made a free-will donation with or without buying a book. THANK YOU!

It’s been an amazing journey, especially considering I had no idea ANYONE might be interested in buying a book I’d written (except for my immediate family and a few friends). But after seven years, three books (and counting), and almost 2,500 books sold, I am so grateful to all who took a chance on an unknown author and helped support BBBS. Here’s a copy of the press release in my local paper to show you once again that I put my money where my mouth is.

Local author donates record amount to BBBS

Chris Norbury
Owatonna Author Chris Norbury recently donated $1,640 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN. Accepting his check is Michelle Redman, Executive Director of BBBS. The amount is Norbury’s largest annual donation since starting his collaboration with BBBS in 2016. Since then, the award-winning author of three books has raised almost $4,300 for BBBS through his writing. Norbury was a Big Brother in Owatonna for over 20 years and now promotes BBBS at all his author events. All money goes directly to empowering youth in Southern Minnesota. With over 275 local youth ready for a Big, the time is now to join Norbury in standing with BBBS. (Photo courtesy of BBBS of Southern Minnesota)

Want to Help More?

Money pays for staff and programs for BBBS. But the real drivers of the program are the volunteer Bigs. There’s always a need for adult mentors for children. As BBBS grows and becomes more successful, the number of children who enroll increases. Why? Because it works! Being a Big only takes a few hours a month. However, those few hours have the ability to change a young person’s life FOREVER. Please consider becoming a Big. For more information, go to either of the following websites:

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

“What’s Your favorite day of the year?” you may ask

My wedding anniversary, of course! 🙂  I married a gem of a woman. (talk about being a lucky guy!) We’ll celebrate my favorite day–and I hope hers, too–for the Forty-fifth time in June.


I’ve added numerous events to my 2023 schedule. Please check out my Events & Appearances page for details. The first event is the Rosemount Writers’ Festival & Book Fair on Saturday, March 18. The keynote speaker at this year’s festival will be Brian Lutterman. He’s a fellow member of the Midwest Mystery Works writing group. Coincidentally, Brian and I first met at my first Rosemount Writers’ Festival back in 2018!

Come to the festival and buy books, take writing workshops, meet fellow book lovers, talk to dozens of authors, or all of the above. It’s always a wonderful day. See you there.

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