Where’s LMBT?

My neighbor Lori showing off her purchase from Drury Lane Books. Where's LMBT? game

Thanks to my neighbor Lori for sharing this photo after she bought a copy of Little Mountain, Big Trouble. Can you guess where Drury Lane Books is? We’ll play a “Where’s LMBT?” game, but there won’t be any prizes for guessing correctly. Need a hint? It’s somewhere in the USA and next to a large body of water. It’s also one of the cutest, coziest bookstores you’ll ever see and one of my personal favorites. Reply to the comments below if you think you know the location.

If you want to play “Where’s LMBT?” submit a photo of you holding the book cover facing forward) in front of a landmark; preferably a bookstore, and email it to me at chrisnorburywriter@gmail.com.

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Don’t miss one of the best street parties I know, Downtown Thursday in Owatonna this Thursday, September 7.  When the hot spell breaks overnight, he weather will be perfect again the rest of the week.


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