Maintaining the Business

Now that I have some extra time after a busy book launch tour for Little Mountain, Big Trouble, I “get” to spend some time maintaining the business side of my life as an author. For me, a self-taught web designer, part of that maintenance involves my website. I’m always trying to improve it while also keeping my Events & Appearances page updated and writing quality blog posts.

Could you do me a favor, especially if you have experience with websites? Please browse the various pages, get the overall feel, and send me your suggestions for improving it. I want to make as tight, concise, informative, and attractive to the eye as I can, and I’m open to feedback. I may not use your suggestions, but I’ll consider each one. Thanks.

A website for book lovers is a relatively new website designed to bring authors and readers together. One of their features highlights each participating authors “3 favorite reads of 2023.” I participated because it was easy and fun. best reads of the last year photo

Check it out HERE and tell me if you agree or disagree with my choices. But don’t confuse this link with my end-of-the-year feature: My Best Reads of the Year. The time frames for each are different. Shepherd’s “best reads” are books that author’s have read in the past twelve months ending in October.

My website’s “Best Reads” is for each calendar year. I’ve got almost two months to go before I announce my winners, and since I’m on track to read six to eight more books in 2023, it’s possible my list will differ from the Shepherd list. Also, I name the book I enjoyed MOST in 2023, whereas only lists my three favorites.

To see a compilation of all the best reads of the past year from all authors who participated in the project, click HERE.

What great books have you read this year?

Online Reviews

First, THANKS for the Matt Lanier thriller reviews! I recently hit my target of 200 reviews and ratings by the end of 2023. Online reviews are essential for authors to get their books known. Why? Because you, the readers, are the best salespeople an author can have. Your recommendations carry weight with your friends and family.

Keep them coming, folks. You have less than two months to help me reach my goal of 50 total reviews or ratings for Little Mountain, Big Trouble. Please help me by posting a review. To make it easier, here are the links for all four books at

Little Mountain, Big Trouble print cover

Little Mountain, Big Trouble

Three book covers on snowy background






Straight River

Castle Danger

Dangerous Straits

Remember that star ratings count in the tally too. So if you don’t want to write a few sentences about any of the books, feel free to just assign a star rating.

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you didn’t love a book! Trust me, I won’t come searching for you or think badly of you or anything. I appreciate constructive criticism and I know (as all authors do) that it’s impossible to write a book that every single reader enjoys. Even the so called classic books, or the top bestsellers year after year, aren’t enjoyed by everyone. Beauty is in the eye . . . .



More than 40 area authors will be selling and signing books at the River Falls, WI, Public Library. I’ll be there too and look forward to my first time at this event. In addition, a panel of esteemed authors will share their opinions and answer questions about “How to Get Published.”




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