A Career Highlight

What a Wonderful Evening

Chris with Connie Evingson at Axel's restaurant in Mendota, MN

If you follow me, you know that Monday I had the honor and privilege of sharing the spotlight with the truly great jazz singer Connie Evingson. It was a career highlight for this author. She’s one of my three favorite singers of all time in any genre. After meeting for coffee the previous Friday to get acquainted and discuss what to chat about on Monday, we had a lively conversation that was well received by the sold-out crowd. Connie is as great a person as she is a singer, and she charmed the socks off the patrons. Not only did we have an interesting chat about the connection between creating music and creating stories, but Connie also graced us by singing three a Capella songs. And I was sitting next to her when she did. What a thrill!

Chris Norbury & Connie Evingson in conversation at Axel's restaurant in Mendota MN.

If you’re not familiar with Connie Evingson, check out her website or her YouTube page. Even if you think you don’t like jazz, you’ll like Connie’s music. It’s very accessible, and she sings incredibly inventive arrangements of songs from many genres too: Broadway musicals, the Great American Songbook, songs by Peggy Lee and Dave Frishberg, and even a CD of all-Beatles tunes (one of my favorites.)

We were paired together for the discussion because I actually mentioned her in Straight River during a scene at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant; a place my wife and I frequently visited when Connie performed there. A mutual colleague got us together and it worked out well. 🙂  (to say the least!)

Straight River cover








The evening went far better than I expected because I feared becoming a nervous wreck talking with a musical icon. But Connie puts you at ease immediately when you meet her, so I had no trouble. We both wished we’d had more time to talk because we had so many other things to discuss.

A Big Week Ahead

Lots of events this weekend, including my first Owatonna appearance of 2024. It’s the Bowl For Kids’ Sake event here in town to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN. Even though it’s a “semiprivate” event, feel free to stop by Sparetime Lanes to meet me and buy a signed copy of any of my books.

Also on Friday, I’m chatting with memoir author Linda Morrision on Alan Miller’s cable show, Writer’s Corner. The show airs on several cable networks in the Twin Cities but is also available for viewing on Alan’s website: writers-corner.org.

Then on Saturday, I’ll be one of 35 members of the Twin Cities Chapter of Sisters in Crime who’ll participate in our first-ever members book fair in St. Michael, MN. If you love to read mystery, crime, thriller, and suspense novels, I guarantee you’ll find at least five or six books to enjoy up there. Come early for the panel discussion featuring four author-members.

See the links under “Upcoming Events” for details on all the events.

Upcoming Events

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