Where have all the classics gone?

While perusing blogs, surfing the internet and checking out profiles on Critique Circle- my online writing group- I’ve noticed (perhaps arbitrarily) that very few writers mention “old classics” as being influences on their writing. They may not even mention classics Continue reading Where have all the classics gone?

Observations about online critiquing groups

I’ve written seriously for about 2 years (yet to be published) and joined an online critique group soon after that. On that website I have become one of the more active participants. I mainly read a lot of submissions and Continue reading Observations about online critiquing groups

A fun political quiz

Are you a Republican who was frustrated by the Bush years? A Democrat who has become disillusioned with the party since they took control of Congress and the White House?  A member of a third-party who doesn’t agree with much Continue reading A fun political quiz


Since this is one of the most politically important eras in recent American history, I’m adding to my blog two links to websites which I think are outstanding at what they do. The first, Congress.org, is a non-partisan resource that Continue reading Politics