Observations about online critiquing groups

I’ve written seriously for about 2 years (yet to be published) and joined an online critique group soon after that. On that website I have become one of the more active participants. I mainly read a lot of submissions and critiquing them. I’ve submitted a fair amount of work myself. So, I’ve given and received …

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A fun political quiz

Are you a Republican who was frustrated by the Bush years? A Democrat who has become disillusioned with the party since they took control of Congress and the White House?  A member of a third-party who doesn’t agree with much of what either major party espouses?  An independent voter who likes some of the ideas …

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Bestsellers and Aces

I am an avid golfer by any definition of the word. My wife would say I am addicted. Many days I feel like an addict. I play anywhere from 70 to 140 rounds a year-in Minnesota. Mind you, the season rarely lasts more than seven months. That’s ten to twenty rounds per month. One every …

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Since this is one of the most politically important eras in recent American history, I’m adding to my blog two links to websites which I think are outstanding at what they do. The first, Congress.org, is a non-partisan resource that keeps you current on all bills before Congress. The site encourages people to voice their …

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Hello World

HELLO WORLD This is a big step for me, technology-wise, so I will take baby steps until I get comfortable and have something worthwhile or interesting to say other than “Hello World.” Blog posts will be sporadic at best in the foreseeable future. Have patience, grasshoppers. That’s all for now. My goal going forward will …

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