For every copy of my books that you purchase, in any format, I will donate $1.00 to my favorite charity, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MinnesotaMentoring children one-on-one has proven to be the most effective method of lifting those kids up from their chaotic home lives. BBBS helps them graduate from high school, stay out of prison, and become successful members of society.

I was an active Big Brother for twenty years. As a Big, I saw firsthand the positive change BBBS of Southern Minnesota has made to my community. Hundreds of children have benefitted from having a Big in their lives. Most have grown to become successful adults. It’s truly amazing what a positive effect only a few hours per month can have on a child who desperately needs an adult role model to bring some stability to an unstable situation.

Best of all, we Bigs unanimously realize we gain as much or more from the experience as our Littles do. Plus, it’s fun to act like a kid again, especially for the older Bigs. 🙂

If you are interested in learning more about BBBS, here’s a link to the national site: Big Brother Big Sisters of America.

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