Cooked to Death, Volume V: Restaurant in Peace is a mystery anthology of short stories from Minnesota authors. Each story features a restaurant and a delicious recipe.Cover of Cooked to Death, Vol.V

I titled my short story “Killer Tacos.” The recipe I included was for fish tacos from a local place, Chill Aqui. And those tacos were killer! The subtle flavors, perfectly fried cod, spicy-sweet crema, and fresh garnish—mmm! And tacos can’t be excellent unless the tacos are fresh and homemade, which these are. Unfortunately, Chill Aqui closed back in 2020. They had a great run while it lasted.

Contributing Authors to the anthology include David Housewright, Joel Arnold, M E Bakos, and Jason Lee Willis. The stories range from dark murder mysteries to light-hearted cozies. “Killer Tacos” is in a cozy style. Writing a cozy was new for me and much different from writing my Matt Lanier novels—Straight River and Castle Danger.

Besides getting some fun reads, you’re helping a good cause, because part of the proceeds from book sales goes to the Minnesota Farmers Market AssociationThis organization promotes local sustainable organic agriculture in our beautiful state.

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