The first book in the Matt Lanier trilogy, Straight River throws professional musician Matt Lanier into the improbable roles of amateur detective and superhero against a powerful and deadly enemy. It’s a mystery-thriller set during the emotional and financial aftermath of the Great Recession.

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After his estranged father dies in a farming accident, professional musician Matt Lanier returns to his hometown of Straight River, Minnesota. While he’s settling the estate, an old friend and neighbor asks him for help. Her husband’s recent death was ruled a suicide. She insists it was not. Ownership of her farm hangs in the balance.

The local police are uncooperative, so Matt turns to his ex-wife and a young computer prodigy for assistance. As new information surfaces, Matt suspects the two deaths are connected to a violent conspiracy with national implications. His dilemma: Should he risk his life to protect his friend and hundreds of other farmers from ruin?


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As with sales of Castle Danger, each copy sold of Straight River, print or eBook, will generate a $1.00 donation from Chris to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN. Thanks for your support of a great mentoring organization.

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