As an author, I’ve had the privilege to share my knowledge and experience with writers’ groups, library patrons, book clubs, and civic groups such as Rotary and retired educators. My teaching background trained me to be fearless in front of groups of all sizes. So I’m very comfortable with public speaking. If you’re looking for an interesting, informative, engaging speaker at an upcoming meeting of your social, civic, or literary group, please email me so we can discuss a date, time, topic and my fees.

Sharing my Castle Danger story with beer and food lovers at OCC
With a small group, I like to facilitate conversation rather than talk “at” the audience

Here are the titles of some of my recent PowerPoint presentations. I can also do a no-media presentation. No matter what the format, I always leave time for Q&A.

  • Meet the Author
  • Being an Author in the 21st Century
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Writing a Novel . . . but Were Afraid to Ask
  • The Ins and Outs of Mystery Writing
  • Mentoring

For details of what these topics entail, or to discuss a specific topic, send me an email, and we’ll find a subject that’s perfect for your group. I don’t mind traveling, but with gas prices as high as they are, I’d like to stay within about 100 miles of my home in Southern MN.

Check out my BIO and other website pages for more information about me. I’m also happy to provide the names of hosts who have booked me as a public speaker in the past.

  • Owatonna, MN Public Library
  • Austin, MN ArtWorks Festival
  • Mississippi Valley Writers Guild & Great River Writes Series at the Winona, MN Public Library
  • Northfield, MN Public Library
  • Deep Valley Virtual Book Festival
  • Owatonna Area Retired Educators Association
  • Owatonna Early Bird Rotary Club
  • Woman’s Club of Owatonna
  • Muir Library, Winnebago, MN
  • North Mankato, MN, Taylor Public Library
  • Northfield Manor, Northfield, MN


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