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Another Milestone

It may be just another milestone for some authors, but for me, it’s huge! As of this month, January 2020, I have officially sold more than 1,000 copies of my books to you wonderful readers. I had no expectations that anyone would buy a book I had written, so every sale seems like a bonus.  …

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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

For author-publishers like me, it’s all about reviews, reviews, reviews. Next to word-of-mouth advertising, online reviews are the single best marketing tool most authors can use. But we can’t write more than our own review (if we choose to–most don’t). I reviewed my books, but only on because I read both as a reader, …

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Reviews, Re-Boots, Reaching New Readers

The Importance of Reviews for Today’s Authors Back in the days before the Internet, eBooks, and burgeoning social media, book reviews weren’t terribly important in the marketing scheme for most authors. The supply of books was relatively small, most authors were promoted by a major publisher, and publications like the NY Times Review of Books, …

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Good news for Kindle, Nook, and other E-reader Owners

I’m pleased to announce that Castle Danger is now available in the five main eBook formats through your favorite eBook retailers. Here are the links to each format: AMAZON: BARNES & NOBLE: BOOKLOCKER: iTUNES: KOBO: Fugitive Matt Lanier, unjustly accused of a violent crime, has been hiding in the northeastern …

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… One Giant Leap for an Author

Neo-Renaissance practitioners are always looking for new experiences, new insights, new knowledge, and pushing their own limits. As an aspiring polymath, some years ago I took up the creative endeavor of writing fiction, particularly the novel. At first, it was calling my wife’s bluff after she insisted once too often, “You should write a novel!” …

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A Must Read for Writers and artists of all kinds

Another great post from Kristen Lamb:  She makes the case that all artists need to prepare for the future of marketing our products through whatever conduit is available. Amazon seems to have it all right now, but their danger as well as ours, is that they become a monopoly and self-destruct, which does neither …

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