Big Brothers Big Sisters

Cover Reveal

 Your first look at the cover of LITTLE MOUNTAIN, BIG TROUBLE In publishing, nothing is ever final until it’s in print, so this may get tweaked a bit. But it’s 99% of what I want. (I’ll probably change the top little script above “LITTLE.”) Little Mountain, Big Trouble is a labor of love that pays homage …

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A Day in the Life of a Big Brother

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a volunteer Big Brother? It’s not hard. Just be there for your Little and do things together that you both either like to do or are interested in exploring. Like bowling on a Friday night. OR, going to Mall of America and checking out the spectacular Lego Store. …

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Hangin’ with my Little Brother

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Upcoming Appearances at Bowl For Kids’ Sake–Selling and Signing Copies of Castle Danger

(reposted from Don’t forget, I’ll be selling and signing copies of Castle Danger this weekend. Faribault on Friday, April 21. Owatonna on Saturday, April 22. Bowl for Kids’ Sake sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern MN.…/events-signings-appearances/

Discussing Castle Danger on Local Radio

Reposted from my website: Radio Interview about Castle Danger

Traveling the World Within Your Hometown

A few days ago, I attended a volunteer appreciation dinner for my favorite charity of all time, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota. I’ve been a Big for almost 14 years, and had an active match with a terrific young man, Zach, for more than 11 of those years, until he outgrew the program …

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This is my good friend, Miles. He’s got Japanese roots, but was actually born in Georgetown, KY. He was named after Miles Davis, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Miles has visited each coast, been to Canada several times, and almost been to Mexico. He’s traveled nearly the equivalent of a one-way …

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Thinker’s Block vs. Writer’s Block

All writers claim to have writer’s block at one point or another in their careers. It’s sort of a badge of honor: if you haven’t broken through that dam of stopped-up prose at least once, you can’t really call yourself a writer, right? I think I might be experiencing my first bout of WB, but I’m …

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Passing the Wilderness Torch

I had the great pleasure of paying back my father in a very small way for something he did for me almost 45 years ago. The payback was a weekend canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW, or BWCA for short). What he did for me 45 years ago was pass on the …

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