Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Rested Refreshed and Exhausted

Vacation Report I just returned from what I call vacation but others would call masochistic torture. A five-night solo canoe trip in the BWCAW. That’s why I’m rested, refreshed, and exhausted. 😉 It’s a difficult way to relax. But for some crazy reason I still haven’t figured out, I LOVE the challenge, both mentally and …

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While This Author’s Away, the Beta Readers Will Fillet . . . My Manuscript

While the author’s away, my loyal beta readers are well into critiquing my “polished first draft” of the sequel to Castle Danger (working title: Book Three). While they do their thing, I’m doing what smart (?) authors do–taking a break from writing AND from civilization. I‘ll be up in my favorite place in the world …

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A Book Club Discussion with a Twist

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getting out of one’s comfort zone

As a Neo-Renaissance guy, I believe that we learn the most by doing activities that challenge us to take risk, expand out experiences, put stress on us either mentally or physically, and in general, take us out of our comfort zone. Two of my favorite activities involve deliberately leaving my comfort zones. One is solo …

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This is my good friend, Miles. He’s got Japanese roots, but was actually born in Georgetown, KY. He was named after Miles Davis, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Miles has visited each coast, been to Canada several times, and almost been to Mexico. He’s traveled nearly the equivalent of a one-way …

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The Four Cornerstones of a Neo Renaissance Life

We all strive for some sort of balance in our lives, but do we ever find time in our busy days to think about what sort of balance we need or want? Most people would say they want a balance between work, family, and friends. But what about balance within ourselves? Shouldn’t we be inwardly …

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My surprising wife

I’ve been married for 32 years. Pretty long by today’s standards, and likely to get much longer. I thought I knew my wife well, since we met in high school during our senior year, then dated for 4 years after that, finally  getting married the week after I graduated from college. You think you get …

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