Matt Lanier

Getting Back to a Writing Routine

I’d been warned by my writing colleagues who have published books that marketing one’s book is a time-consuming beast. They were right. In today’s publishing climate, authors must become small businesses and take charge of all facets of that business. Gone are the days when writers wrote, publishers published, and marketers marketed. Now the writer …

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Critical Thinking

So I’ve been thinking lately about Kleenex (excuse me, facial tissue), turtlenecks, shrinking food portions at restaurants as well as grocery stores, and the quality vs. quantity debate. A key component of being a Neo Ren (Neo Renaissance human in the 21st Century) is the Intellectual Cornerstone, which above all, encourages critical thinking. My critical …

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NaNoWriMo is done–Success!

I apologize for not posting recently but National Novel Writing Month took most of my time, along with hosting six house guests over Thanksgiving weekend. For the second consecutive year, I successfully wrote 50,000 words of my second novel, working title “Castle Danger.” In it, my Neo Renaissance main character, Matt Lanier, will face a …

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Technology–A Necessary Evil?

Yesterday my wife and I saw the movie Gravity¬†starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. The writer in me loved the sci-fi/action/suspense plot line as well as the metaphors, the classic “hero’s journey,” and the juxtaposition of the vastness of space against the telling of one person’s story at the time of her biggest crisis of …

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The Four Cornerstones of a Neo Renaissance Life

We all strive for some sort of balance in our lives, but do we ever find time in our busy days to think about what sort of balance we need or want? Most people would say they want a balance between work, family, and friends. But what about balance within ourselves? Shouldn’t we be inwardly …

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