Miles Davis

Would You Buy a Used Car From This Man?

As it happens, I’m due for a blog post (woefully dragging my heels lately. Can’t even manage two posts per month.). So I thought I’d combine two stones and a bird, or two birds and one stone … something like that, and use my creative writing talents to craft a used car ad and fashion …

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This is my good friend, Miles. He’s got Japanese roots, but was actually born in Georgetown, KY. He was named after Miles Davis, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Miles has visited each coast, been to Canada several times, and almost been to Mexico. He’s traveled nearly the equivalent of a one-way …

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Music, Jazz, and Improvisation

Music satisfies three cornerstones of a Neo Renaissance (Neo Ren) life: Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual. Performing music can often satisfy the fourth cornerstone, Physical. Ever see a fat rock-and-roll drummer? Ever check the lung capacity and endurance of a lead trumpeter for a big-band jazz ensemble? Ever gone to a nightclub, watched and listened to …

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