Celebrating Milestones

Hello, loyal followers, When I started this blog six (!) years ago, I did so because all the writing experts at the time claimed that having a blog was necessary for writing success. The world of platform-building was largely unexplored Continue reading Celebrating Milestones

Letting Go

(I recently shared this post on Trail Baboon, a fine community of bloggers.) I’ve had it! Enough is enough! I can’t change one more word! While working on the final draft of my suspense novel, Castle Danger, those thoughts built Continue reading Letting Go

Clubs, Quilts, and ‘Cue

(Nothing Neo-Renaissance about today’s post other than the concept of taking an idea and running with it until it has ballooned into something quite different from what you started with.) As an adult, I’ve never been a big fan of Continue reading Clubs, Quilts, and ‘Cue

getting out of one’s comfort zone

As a Neo-Renaissance guy, I believe that we learn the most by doing activities that challenge us to take risk, expand out experiences, put stress on us either mentally or physically, and in general, take us out of our comfort Continue reading getting out of one’s comfort zone

Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Just have to rave more about Sam Robson. Here’s his latest. It’s a stunner. Very symphonic. He brilliantly combines dozens of tracks to create a superlative performance of a movie and Broadway classic. Enjoy. By the way, this hits me Continue reading Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Innovative Thinking and Goverment are Mutually Exclusive

I came across this fascinating video the other day and got thinking about how creative people are constantly creating, inventing, and building a better mousetrap. The great Renaissance thinkers of the middle of the last millennium achieved their greatness because Continue reading Innovative Thinking and Goverment are Mutually Exclusive

On the Road Again

I’m about ready to go on my second of three trips within four weeks. Unfortunately, this trip and the next involve air travel, my least favorite form of getting from one place to another. As I get older, traveling gets Continue reading On the Road Again

A Season of Loss

It’s been a season of loss for me in December and January. My mother-in-law, my brother’s father-in-law, and a good golf buddy of mine all passed away in the past six weeks. They were all loved by many and will Continue reading A Season of Loss

Learning from Success with NaNoWriMo

Three years in a row! Hooray for me. Okay, enough celebrating. As a Neo-Renaissance man, I’m all about learning from life’s experiences, good and bad, successes and failures. The old saying is, “You learn more from failure than success.” But Continue reading Learning from Success with NaNoWriMo

Neo Renaissance Means Occasionally Leaving One’s Comfort Zone

(Forgot to claim my 2013 award.) *blush* Not much time to  post since I’m in the middle of my third writing marathon known as National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, or NNWM. http://nanowrimo.org/ I signed up to participate (Free, by the Continue reading Neo Renaissance Means Occasionally Leaving One’s Comfort Zone