Straight River Full Cover Reveal!

Here it is, everyone. The full cover of the “long-awaited” prequel to Castle Danger. And believe me, NO ONE has been “awaiting” longer than I have. Only a few more weeks until you can buy Straight River, assuming all goes smoothly with the final steps. But I don’t want to promise any exact release date. …

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Writers Digest Self-PUblished Book Awards Badge

Books, Beers, and Bragging Rights

A Beer-Tasting Dinner Featuring Castle Danger, the Brewery and Castle Danger, the Book. I was invited to display my books and talk for a few minutes about Castle Danger as part of a Castle Danger Brewery beer-tasting dinner at the Owatonna Country Club for their Oktoberfest celebration on October 27, 2017. The food and beers …

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Books and Music Go Together Well

If you had been signed up for my newsletter, you’d be getting a link to the “Official Castle Danger Soundtrack.” 🙂 Want to hear samples of all the great music that Matt hummed or sung to himself or heard or whistled at various times during the book? Then click here: CASTLE DANGER to sign up …

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The Importance of Beta Readers to Authors

One of the best lessons I learned as worked on my novels is that no matter how brilliant you believe your writing to be, the litmus test is ultimately how other readers feel about your writing. Especially if you intend to publish a book and sell it in hopes of earning some money. At first, …

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All My Success in Life Started with Mom and Dad

“It takes a village to raise a child,” is a well-known quote of African origin (most likely) that became part of the American lexicon in a big way when Hilary Clinton wrote a book with that title in 1996. Because I think it was either mistranslated or misunderstood, I take slight issue with that quote and …

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Original Castle Danger cover

Getting the Word Out About Castle Danger Through the Local Newspaper

I had an enjoyable interview with reporter Anna Segner from the Owatonna People’s Press. We talked about my upcoming Book Launch Celebration. I used our fine local media for getting the word out about Castle Danger. Check it out. Owatonna First-TIme Novelist to Celebrate with Book Launch Find out more about Castle Danger by clicking …

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Castle Danger goes “Live.”

Great news, suspense/thriller fans. My first novel, Castle Danger, is now available in print. Purchase Castle Danger at,, and, or order from your favorite independent bookstore through  

Attention to Details

I’m on the cusp of publishing my first novel. I’ve reached the final stages: book cover design, formatting for the various eBook readers, prepping my new website, and planning my marketing strategy. One of the key steps is approving the final draft as formatted for printing. This is the point of no return. Once I …

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NaNoWriMo is done–Success!

I apologize for not posting recently but National Novel Writing Month took most of my time, along with hosting six house guests over Thanksgiving weekend. For the second consecutive year, I successfully wrote 50,000 words of my second novel, working title “Castle Danger.” In it, my Neo Renaissance main character, Matt Lanier, will face a …

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NaNoWriMo and Neo-Ren

If you read this title and thought NaNoWriMo is some weird hybrid animal that’s a cross between an alien being from the planet Ork and a rhinoceros, then you probably aren’t a writer and you don’t know that the inflated acronym stands for National Novel Writing Month. I first heard about NaNoWriMo several years ago. …

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