Robert Ludlum

Would “The Hunt for Red October” be a bestseller today?

One of my projects as a writer learning all he can about the thriller/suspense genre is to read the early novels–first novels in particular, if I can find them–of today’s recognized best-selling authors. The authors I’ve read/am reading so far include Tom Clancy, David Baldacci, Dean Koontz, and Robert Ludlum. I intend to read first and early […]

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Audio Books

My wife and I recently returned from a two-week vacation from our home in Minnesota to Washington, Oregon, and other points west. For us, half the fun is getting there, so we love to drive on these long journeys. Leaving in mid-September, vacation traffic drops considerably from the “family-summer-vacation-with-school-age-kids” level, so traffic stress is drastically

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Where have all the classics gone?

While perusing blogs, surfing the internet and checking out profiles on Critique Circle- my online writing group- I’ve noticed (perhaps arbitrarily) that very few writers mention “old classics” as being influences on their writing. They may not even mention classics as books they number among their personal favorites. For sake of discussion, let’s call a

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