The Intellectual Benefits of Travelling

Someone who lives a Neo-Renaissance life includes travel in that life for one simple reason: Travel connects us to the rest of the world, which stimulates our intellects. A cornerstone of a Neo-Renaissance life is the Intellectual aspect. We must constantly Continue reading The Intellectual Benefits of Travelling

New Beginnings

Today is my first official post as “A Neo-Renaissance Writer.” You may wonder why I changed my blog’s title. Here are a few reasons: The  protagonists of my fiction writing will be Renaissance people (or polymaths)–characters who have a broad array Continue reading New Beginnings

A New Direction for this Blog

After attending the Tucson Festival of Books last month, one of the biggest nuggets of information I gleaned from the various workshops was Kristin Lamb’s idea that authors of fiction shouldn’t blog about how to write fiction. Particularly if they Continue reading A New Direction for this Blog