Grammar Annoyances

Not much of interest going on this week except for the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments about the constitutionality of the mandate section of the Obama administration’s health care bill that passed two years ago. I’ll likely have more to Continue reading Grammar Annoyances

Random Thoughts

It’s been an interesting month and will soon get “interestinger” next month. Gorgeous Wife and I took a trip to Arizona to visit the Sedona area and then drive down to Green Valley to visit my Dad, his wife, and Continue reading Random Thoughts

My Ten Favorite Movies

The Academy Awards take place Sunday night (yawn) so in dubious honor of that over-hyped, over-glammed, overly narcissistic event, I decided to list my ten favorite movies. Don’t give me any grief about my list because one, I’m not a Continue reading My Ten Favorite Movies

A Must Read for Writers and artists of all kinds

Another great post from Kristen Lamb:  She makes the case that all artists need to prepare for the future of marketing our products through whatever conduit is available. Amazon seems to have it all right now, but their danger Continue reading A Must Read for Writers and artists of all kinds

Thought-provoking blog post/video about the state of publishing I feel compelled to share this with my fellow writers.

Teachable Moments

Here I sit watching Super Bowl XLVI, sipping Taittinger NV Brut Champagne with my wife, on her birthday, mildly berating myself because I forgot to open a bottle of bubbly last Sunday, MY birthday. We’re savoring the aroma of a Continue reading Teachable Moments

The 21st Century Writer

Kristen Lamb has produced another excellent blog post explaining what it takes to be a successful writer in the 21st century. Hint: it ain’t only about writing beautiful words that millions will pay $19.95 a pop to read. I Continue reading The 21st Century Writer

Results of last week’s experimental post

The results are in for my entirely non-scientific experiment with the hypothesis that using a provocative title containing popular or titillating search words such as sex, drugs, Obama, Kardashian, et al. will increase traffic at one’s blog. My conclusion: It Continue reading Results of last week’s experimental post

Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, reality TV, Obama, Mitt, Kardashian, vampires, Harry Potter

This is an experimental post to figure out if blog titles and related tags really do increase readership of one’s blog. My blog gets 1-2 visits per day; a few more right after I post a new blog and mention Continue reading Sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll, reality TV, Obama, Mitt, Kardashian, vampires, Harry Potter

Christmas Morning

I’m from Minnesota, which means I’m used to seeing a white Christmas. Most Minnesotans expect a white Christmas every year. But this Christmas the predominant color will be brown. That will diminish somewhat, but not completely, the pleasure I derive from Continue reading Christmas Morning