Grammar Annoyances

Not much of interest going on this week except for the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments about the constitutionality of the mandate section of the Obama administration’s health care bill that passed two years ago. I’ll likely have more to say about that in June, after the Court renders its decision. I will say that […]

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Random Thoughts

It’s been an interesting month and will soon get “interestinger” next month. Gorgeous Wife and I took a trip to Arizona to visit the Sedona area and then drive down to Green Valley to visit my Dad, his wife, and Dad’s brother and wife and son and daughter-in-law. Sedona was beautiful, not as big or

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A Must Read for Writers and artists of all kinds

Another great post from Kristen Lamb:  http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/amazon-beware-of-greeks-bearing-gifts/#comment-23492  She makes the case that all artists need to prepare for the future of marketing our products through whatever conduit is available. Amazon seems to have it all right now, but their danger as well as ours, is that they become a monopoly and self-destruct, which does neither

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