Coming Soon: The Title Reveal!

The Wait is Over

A surprising number of friends and fans regularly ask me how the new book is coming along, what it’s about, and if I’ve decided on a title. I’m pleased to say it’s taking shape, ready for the editor, and I’ve finally decided on a title. I’ve waited so long myself that I’m quite excited to say” THE TITLE REVEAL! 🙂

BUT . . . The first people who’ll learn what the title is are my NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS. I don’t have a lot of perks to offer those hundreds of loyal fans, but they’re always the first to get any news about my writing and books. I’ll send out the next newsletter later this week with the TITLE REVEAL. So if you want to be the first to know what it is, please sign up and subscribe. Just fill out the box on the right side of this page. It’s that simple. You’ll also get access to my “exclusive subscriber content,” which are things like additional photos, radio interviews, the soundtracks to each of my books, and other fun stuff that doesn’t easily fit on the other pages of my website.

In the upcoming newsletter, I’ll reveal the new title and also explain my thought process and what many authors need to consider before naming a book. It’s not as easy as you’d think. But it’s an important part of marketing and also affects the cover design. Example: a longer title means a smaller font size so the title fits onto the cover, which means it might be harder to read on a book website’s thumbnail photo.

So sign up for the newsletter and be one of the first to learn what the new title will be. But don’t worry, I’ll post that information here a day or two after the newsletter comes out.

And don’t forget, I’ll be selling and signing copies of my three books at the Brownsdale Garden Spot Market in Brownsdale MN on Monday, Sept. 13 from 4-7 pm. Hope to see you there.

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